hello everyone !

hope you’ve all been well as we slowly transit into living with COVID-19 as endemic and resuming our social activities. we know many of you were waiting for the August 12% rebate that was postponed due to the mini-outbreak with ndp.

nonetheless, here it is !

Sept’21 Tangs 12% rebate starts from 23 Sept (preferred) / 24 (classic) to 26 Sept !

one day extra compared to the usual rebate weekend, so don’t miss this !

// you can also come in for our Sept 9ice IPL trials and sign up a package this weekend!
see : 

*you must be a classic tangs member to earn 12% rebate

(12% of every $10 nett) !
If you’re not a member yet, you can opt to:

1. sign up a free membership online and make purchase of $80 nett spending to activate your membership before purchasing packages of bigger value so that you earn rebates.

2. come in store for us to split your bill. we’re able to split $86 off your total bill/package price
for you to activate your membership, and earn rebates off the remaining amount
[e.g $800 split into $86 + $ 714]

If you’re already a TANGS member,

you need not drop by in store, just hop over to https://www.tangs.com/productlist/brands/QWEEN_1


if in any doubt, you can always drop us a whatsapp or sms text to 96668843,

or simply ring up 67350013 from 1130am to 8pm.

we know many of you are concern with getting a package in this situation,

Allow me to share with our must-haves.

Starting with our 12%  highly coveted IPL packages

Enjoy 10+10% off

selected Female & Male
6-sessions IPL package

*Remember to use code QWEENSEP upon checkout

Shop safely online,

 just hop over to https://www.tangs.com/productlist/brands/QWEEN_1


Use promo code QWEENSEP20 at check out!

on top of our September $99 2-session special trial (click to find out more),
don’t miss this chance to enjoy 20% off 7-sessions package!



Your brows frame your face above the mask.

Regardless if you’re the 50% workforce going back to work, or still working from home,
now’s the best time for you to get your brows done (and go back to work hehe).

Two sessions of Eyebrow Embroidery (new customers) by Apple at $400


It’s also a good time to  purchase/renew your eyelash packages !

Click on this link for more on Cryo firming/toning treatment https://qween.com.sg/2020/04/02/cryotherapy/ *

Click on this link for more on Qween’s IPL treatment
Female Brazilian : https://qween.com.sg/2018/03/12/my-ipl-journey-female-brazilian/

Men’s Boyzilian : https://qween.com.sg/2019/06/04/insight-to-qween-ipl-hair-removal-for-men

You do your own math. How many useless trials or even ineffective IPL packages  has gone down the drain with nothing but slight pain and still the same amount of recurring hair?

While you may have grown a lil’ sceptical about big packages, be assured Qween’s 6-sessions IPL package prices are reasonably-priced with no expiry !

Remember to cart out these deals according to your respective members’ rebate weekend dates.

don’t come crowd in Tangs, we will NOT see you in store at Tangs Plaza this weekend, simply just CLICK AWAY and CART OUT !

if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a whatsapp  (there is a direct whatsapp icon at the corner of the page!)


stay safe, we will do this 1 day a time.

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