hello 🙂  it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

thank you for your interest in Qween’s Cryo treatment!

since launching CryoStomach, we have had helped so many mummies regained her confidence over their mummy flab, and we hope to help you too!

what makes us really happy is when we have customers telling us halfway through their 7-sessions, “last night my husband asked me what i did to my stomach! i told him Cryo , and he tell me to continue!”

not just for mummies, our CRYO has also helped many ladies who have gained extra excess on their stomach/thighs since Circuit breaker and the continued WFH.

I’m sure you have a lot more questions, do read further on.


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35 minutes exposure of sub-zero cold air onto your mum tum, this could be your affordable solution for you.

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At  less than $700 for 7 sessions, mummies, you could be regaining the confidence you need for those swim wear, or even crop tops.

You know, i had my reservations to do this post, and kind of a little embarrassed showing my wrinkly, crinkly tummy.

although one thing to be proud of, my wrinkled loose tummy that you are gonna see in the visuals to follow, has contributed 3 humans to this population 🙂


just a little background information of me!

hi, I’m joanne, one of the owners of Qween.

i gave birth to my first born at the age of 24, the second at the age of 26, and the last one at the age of 28, and i turn 32 this April 2020.

so basically, 6 consecutive years of my life was spent being pregnant, breastfeeding, pregnant, breastfeeding, with my last delivery on June 2018.

i did not have much down time to lose my pregnancy weight properly, or for a matter of fact, did not have sufficient time gap to tone myself up in between the 3 pregnancies.

whoever says breastfeeding helps in losing the pregnancy weight unfortunately did not apply in my case.


in case you think i have been sitting down waiting miraculously for my pregnancy weight to be dropped, or hoping breastfeeding helps to tone me down, no.

on the contrary, i exercised 3 to 5 times a week, attend gym classes, did yoga, cut my food intake. but, i never saw much difference to my post-mummy body.

i never believed in slimming centres, or paying crazy exorbitant charges for slimming service as i believed strongly in exercising my weight down, toning myself up through abdominal exercises.

in addition, family and friends around me are always telling me “finish giving birth then tone lah! don’t waste your effort since you are still going to try for more babies!”


i listened.

if there was any post natal firming i did, it was those 7-10 days post natal Malay masseur after each delivery.

i believed a lot in losing my mummy flab on my own.

I eventually lost all the pregnancy weight post my 3rd kid but…..


it was mad depressing.

my mummy flab remained despite the exercises i did, even as i felt the toning of my abdominal.

cut my story short, now let us watch as i embark on my CRYO journey.

I’m sorry for exposing your eyes to my crinkly tummy 🙁 please do know it took me a lot of courage and considerations before being model or spokesperson personally.



























this is my mummy tummy wearing the same pair of skinny jeans taken after 3 sessions of CRYO, and my mum tum now .


i am definitely very satisfied with how much my mummy tummy has toned up now.

my last consecutive CRYO stomach sessions ended on 19th November 2019 after completing 20 sessions (i started on 21st August 2019), did a maintenance session on  7th January 2020, and another one on 24th March 2020.



In case you are thinking “after 20 sessions still so much flab?”, this is how i look like now in the morning without my tight skinny jeans.


notice how much i am bending forward in the photo on the right to “squeeze” out any possible flab.


clearly really trying my best to squeeze out the flab.


now, i am pretty such some of you be thinking “But I don’t exercise at all!”

maybe we can share some of these before after 7 sessions of clients who do zero exercise?


i am sure there will be a couple of questions running through your head after this video. allow me to address the commonly-asked questions.

Is Qween’s CRYO only for mummies?

NO! Of cos it is not, although this machine was brought in envision of helping mummies regain tummy confidence post pregnancy, in the lowest possible costs, yet effective short treatment session.

Fundamentally, CRYO is brought in as we love how each body part takes only about 30 minutes of treatment each session, minus the messy herbal wrap that results in us smelling a lil “herbalish” after; we also love how quick each session is, zip in and out comfortably, and not forgetting how this CRYO does not require me to suffer in any stuffy hot painful compressions.

It can be used to tone up flabby arms or thighs for ladies, especially so who are preparing for their big wedding day! We have altogether different testimonies for flabby arms and thighs! Toning up those thighs and bum, reducing the extra “wings” between our back and arms.

Even CRYO Facial can help to prepare brides-to-be to look their best 🙂

What is CRYO Therapy?

Cryotherapy is a non-invasive body treatment using the science of exposing the body to subzero temperatures, in our case, -163 degree celcius.

Cryotherapy  boosts blood circulation throughout the body which results in a higher metabolic and caloric burn rate

Cryotherapy increases collagen production, which in turn tightens the skin and brings forth a youthful glow (applicable in terms of facial cryo).

Cryotherapy stimulates blood circulation, releases enhanced levels of endorphins and increases the oxygen and nutrient supply to the areas of the body that need revitalizing.

Cryotherapy is also used to treat aging and various skin symptoms by increasing cell rejuvenation.

Lastly, Cryotherapy speeds up muscle recovery, reduces tissue damage, decreases inflammation and relieves pain by increasing cellular survival and strengthening the immune system. Yes, our CryoTherapy can also assists in muscles recovery, and alleviate body pains.

How does CRYO Stomach works?

Using localised cryotherapy which is the blowing of subzero cooled air to the stomach (or other specific parts of the body like arms and thighs) , allowing deep penetration into the layers of tissue and increasing blood circulation, boosting high metabolism.

The increased blood circulation also generates production of collagen, which in turn tightens the skin (stomach).

What will I feel?

Cold! While you will have a towel covering over your top part of body, and blanket covering your legs and below, 35 minutes of  subzero cold air blowing on your stomach is definitely sending you a certain chill.

Is there any down time?

You might experience redness due to the cold, and that will subside after half to an hour, but other than that, there is no down time whatsoever. You can come in and get out of our salon in about 40 minutes, basically a good lunch time treatment!

How often must I do the treatment/ how often should my interval between each sessions be?

It is recommended that you come in as frequent as possible for the first 7 to 10 treatments, daily if possible or perhaps try to squeeze in 5 sessions on Mondays to Friday, then break away for the weekend, and you can continue the same the following week.

The interval for each session is 1 hour apart minimally, so if you like to, you can also squeeze in two sessions a day, leaving an hour interval.

How many sessions are required minimally?

It is recommended that ideally you complete 7 sessions minimally within a month.

You have seen for yourself how much tighter and trimmer my tummy have gotten in comparison after 10 and 20 sessions.

The answer to this lies fundamentally on the following:

  1. How long ago was your last pregnancy
  2. How many pregnancy have you gone through
  3. How loose is your mummy tummy
  4. How tight do you think you want to achieve on the mummy tummy

Will my stomach be toned up forever after completing the minimum sessions?

As of any other treatment, maintenance is always recommended once a month after you think you have achieved your desired toning/tightening.

What if I’m the sort that do not exercise, will i still achieve the same/similar results?

obviously, there will not be any abs hidden under like me!  hahaha ;p

Of course, results vary individually.

let me put in across plainly, comparing someone who is cutting food intake (or carbs , sugar) versus another who eats normally, who do you think will have better results after the same number of sessions?


in my honest opinion, there is this only this maximum much your post-mummy flab can tighten, with any technology.

unfortunately, unless you go under the knife for a tummy tuck, there will be that “bit” of loose skin no matter how much weight you lose, or how many CRYO sessions you do.

mummies, we just have to accept it.

that being said, elasticity of skin vary from every individual.

genes play a big part too.

some mummies are blessed with good tight skin, and even without doing much, their elasticity resume even after pregnancy.

every one of us, is unique, and different.

let us be realistic, the video and photos you seen in this post did not go through any photo editing and are as raw as my tummy can be.

confidently. i dare say i have never come across any tummy firming advert that is as raw as this can be, and the results you see in this post, i am already very satisfied given where i started.

embrace your new body, and that being said, i hope this CRYO technology which i have brought in will give you ladies who have been troubled with the mummy tummy, a new lift of confidence 🙂

we have a couple of mummies who came in for trial, although did not see or feel immediate differences after 1 trial session, they were so satisfied from the results following on each session with the 7-sessions package!

with love, jo.

 If you have issue with your schedules and cannot commit to completing 7 sessions in one calendar month,
you can sign up for the $910 package instead which gives you allowance of two calendar month for 7 sessions.

Or, ala carte session at $208.

Drop us a text at 96668843 for more 🙂

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