hello everyone ! we’re here to share with you something special to celebrate our nation’s 56th birthday !

also, to celebrate our nation’s goal of hitting 75% population vaccinated, here’s something special.

first up, starting with our 56% off eyelash special, as long as you’re vaccinated, even just one dose.


moving on, did you miss our July 50% off CRYO & IPL Trials ?

Now here’s something you don’t wana miss.

Enjoy $56 off or $56 CRYO & IPL trials this August as we celebrate !

I’m sure many of you have read about our Cryotherapy treatment and seen the before & after pictures.

Otherwise read here – https://qween.com.sg/2020/04/02/cryotherapy/


Lastly, our highlight for this national day special !
Entire August, Enjoy 10% off 6-session IPL Package

From 5-7 August,

Enjoy 10% off + EXTRA 6% off both Male & Female 6-sessions IPL Packages !

and as usual, our ipl packages have no expiry, so there’s no rush for you to finish it !
why not take the chance that we’re all stuck in Singapore to start on your hair removal journey?
do note that all our packages have no expiry so you can purchase extra sessions to keep for maintenance !

read more about our female ipl hair removal service and pricing here
– https://qween.com.sg/2018/03/12/my-ipl-journey-female-brazilian/

*only female upper lip package is excluded from the promo

read more about our male ipl hair removal service and pricing here
– https://qween.com.sg/2019/06/04/insight-to-qween-ipl-hair-removal-for-men/


it’ll be available online on :  https://tangs.com/productlist/brand/QWEEN?pageSize=30&pageNo=1&brandCode=QWEEN

to fully enjoy the discounts, please take note of the following when you check out online !


alright, listing some notable package deals that you wouldn’t want to miss !


and… that’s all for our August promotions 🙂

You can read more about our IPL and pricing under their respective links.

If you have problems checking out online , or have any questions,

feel free to ring us up at 6735 0013 , or drop us a whatsapp at 9666 8843 !

We look forward to seeing you soon !

With love,



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