Hi again ladies!

By now, I think we have formed a connection close enough for me to share with you girls about a topic that is more sensitive to me. Have you ever felt conscious when wearing sleeveless tops or short dresses, because of unwanted hair?

If there was a proper description to let you know how hairy I am (was), it would be almost “As hairy as a Chimpanzee”.

I have always been plagued by a hairy body since the start of puberty, like all of a sudden I realised –


As a shy asian kid (we did not use to have the privilege of Internet not the least mention about Facebook or Instagram), I had absolutely no idea what to do to remove those hair. I did not know what was waxing, or IPL hair removal. Well, I wouldn’t have had the money either as a teenager.

I’d dare not use a shaving blade/cream, thanks to my mum who would always scare me off with ” Girl, you better not shave those hair or they will become thicker like that of a man!”

But as a growing young girl, I remember that particular prom night after O’levels, I finally plucked up my courage to shave off the lower half of my leg (and never looked back since).

Then in my tertiary years (ten years back), there was a period of time when waxing became popular – all thanks to the Chimpanzee advertisement and suddenly, there were many people talking about hair removal. So since then, I started waxing instead because I came to understand the horrifying truth of having dark ingrown hair if I had continued shaving for many years.

Fast forward a few years later, IPL hair removal was getting more attention in the market due to its amazing benefits of being PAINLESS and HAVING FINER RE-GROWTH.

I wanted to try it so bad but had refused to commit to any IPL hair removal packages even after I started earning my own money because what was available in the market, easily costs almost two to three thousand just to remove those darn hair on my legs and arms!

I had continued to wax because of the much lower cost, till Qween was born! We are proud to have our very own IPL hair removal machine, and get this, we are sooooo much more affordable than others in the market.

Now please allow me to show you the hairy state of my legs back in September (after 2 sessions of IPL done at Qween) –


You can easily imagine my hairy legs before I started this IPL journey.



And may I proudly show you my legs now, after four sessions of IPL at Qween-




You can still see the remains of that couple stubborn hair at the bottom of my legs.

But you can also clearly see the difference in my hair growth now that I have completed four good sessions of IPL.


The research paper of this Lamborghini version of IPL machine states that 90% of the ladies received very positive hair removal results, for at least 18 months and more.

New growth will vary based on body area (growth cycle) and on the individual person (gender, age, hormones etc). I could not believe the manufacturer till I had completed four sessions myself.

You can thank me later for sharing this post (:

Now here at Qween, we are having first trial promo for our IPL session-

Female Upper lip @ $20

Female Under arm @ $20

Female Brazilian full off @ $50

Female Lower half arm @ $80

Female Lower half leg @ $120

Female Full leg @ $150

Male Under arm @ $40

Male Brazilian full off @ $80

Honestly, one session will not give you the lasting hair removal result that you are after.
But it would be more of giving yourself a chance to find out more about this awesome painless effective treatment.
To see good results, we would recommend at least 4 to 6 interval sessions depending on how much hair you have at your targeted body part. Thus, we have also come up with these IPL package promotion-

Upper lip 6 sessions package  |  $120 ($20/ session)

Under arm 6 sessions package  |  $200 ($33.33/ session)

Full Brazilian 6 sessions package  |  $600 ($100 / session)

Full leg 6 sessions package  |  $1600 ($266.66.66 / session)

Lower half arm 4 sessions package  |  $400 ($100/ session)

Lower half leg 4 sessions package  |  $700 ($116.66 / session)


A waxing session at this day and age easily cost you  at least $20 for the upper lip.

A painful brazilian waxing session would also easily cost you $50!

If you go for a brazilian waxing at a 1.5 months interval, that would have cost you $400 a year!

If another $200 can drastically reduce your  hair down under WITHOUT ANY PAIN, wouldn’t you consider this awesome $600 deal? If you are lucky, you might find yourself baby-smooth after spending $600!

Call us now at 6735 0013 / 9666 8843 to find out more!

Not forgetting that Qween is conveniently located in the heart of Orchard Road, right above the Orchard MRT station, and opened 7 days a week!


I will see you at Qween!


jo.ling | co-founder of Qween