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thank you for your interest with Qween’s IPL hair removal and we hope this post will bring you further insight on IPL hair removal.

If you have been shaving almost every day or every other day, and erm, feeling a little tired about it?It’s high time to look into IPL for hassle-free hair removal 🙂


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below blog entry was posted back in 2018**

if you have had read through my November’s entry about my lower half leg’s IPL treatment, I believe some of you ladies (who still hold reservation about Qween’s IPL machine) might be curious about the hair progress.

I just took some photos in (almost) the same angle as the previous entry

(YOU NEED TO CLICK ON THE LINK TO READ AND SEE THOSE PHOTOS IF YOU HAVE NOT!!) https://qween.com.sg/2017/11/06/goodbyehair/ .


This is the result after 6 sessions of IPL treatment now.

No photoshop of the photos and they were taken with the morning clear sky.

Personally, i have come across countless women who had hidden their hairy legs or legs filled with in-growns and scars from shaving, epilating, or even years of bad waxing.

Im happy to share with you that these ladies can now flaunt their legs confidently!

Now, to answer some of the common questions that we receive at Qween:

• How our IPL machine works?  Qween’s Super Hair Removal machine utilises a high repetition rate of short pulses delivered deep into the dermis, achieving high average power and therapeutically effective heat build-up, with virtually no pain.

It works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles, preventing them from growing back, while protecting the surrounding skin. The hair follicles are not exposed to a single pulse of high energy, which can injure the skin, but rather receive multiple, short, low energy pulses until enough heat energy is generated to damage the hair follicle.

The In-motion™ technique used with SHR involves moving the applicator repeatedly over the treatment area, applying energy over a large grid- not just the area of the hair follicle. In-motion collectively heats up and damages the hair follicles, ensuring full coverage which dramatically improves results. (* retrieved from our hand note by the manufacturer)

• You will need to shave the area you want IPL-ed a day or two before your appointment. Some salons charge a fee for shaving you — and while Qween does not, wouldn’t you prefer to just shave yourself?

save the itch.

we use normal cheap disposable shaver, so imagine you come with a bush, and our therapist has to go through up to 20 minutes trying to clean shave for you, and you honestly risk getting razor burn during dry-shaving as the disposable shaver does not come with lubricating strip.

Q: How many sessions of IPL treatment are needed to be COMPLETELY hair-free? 

A: Generally, you’d see a huge difference in your hair in 6 sessions for major body parts. However, that really depends on individual’s age and hormones. Also, depending on the treatment area.

For me, it took just 4 sessions to drastically reduce the amount of leg hair.

Generally, 6 to 10 sessions are sufficient for major body parts, at an interval of 4 to 8 weeks to complete a cycle treatment. However, that really depends on individual’s age and hormones. Also, depending on the treatment area.

It is recommended that you return for additional re-examination 3-4 months later, or when any new hair has grown in the treatment area, after you complete the cycle of 6 – 12 sessions.

Q: How often should we come back for the IPL treatment?

A: The recommended treatment interval is 4-8 weeks, and no more than that, if you want to achieve visible results.

If possible, try to come in within 3-weeks interval for the first 3 to 4 sessions, if you want to achieve quicker results.

Q: Since you claim that 6 sessions are sufficient, why does Qween sell 1 year limited package?

A: 6 sessions would/might be sufficient depending on treatment area, and depending on individual (age/hormones), like I have emphasised many times.

Some treatment areas (like particularly the brazilian) might need up to 8 or 10 sessions before you can achieve hair-free result. However, some clients that we have, also achieve the result after just 4 sessions.

This 1 year limited package gives you the extra time interval to treat any new (or the few remaining) hair that grows in the treatment area after the continuous 6 session, without having to pay for additional ala carte top up sessions. Having these extra spare sessions will allow you to achieve guaranteed hair-free results.

We recommend all clients who have taken our previous unlimited IPL package to  come in at a 3-5 weeks interval during the first 4 treatment session, and they can space out to 4 – 8 weeks for the 5th session onwards to allow for new growth.

You should however, take note that new growth will vary based on our body growth and depends on individual (gender, age, hormones), which brings about the new question.

Q: Will the hair growth return?

A: Needless to say, hair will grow back in time. For some, you might start to see a few strands of hair growing after 1 year or more from completing your treatment cycle, or for the lucky few, you might only start seeing regrowth after 2 years or more.

Put in bluntly, you and I, we are human beings and alive, which means growth hormones are active in our bodies. That said, as long as the growth hormones are active in our bodies, hair is bound to grow back, after some time.

Q: Is the IPL treatment painful?

A: Absolutely NOT at all (:

Okay, MAYBE, you might feel some prickly sensation over certain area (typically where the hair is thick) during the treatment. However, we do apply a layer of cooling gel over the treatment area, so generally you do not feel much during the process.

Typically the feedback we have gathered thus far is that customers do not feel any pain at all for treatment areas like back, arms, underarm, legs.

Sometimes, there is some sensation felt for the bikini area/ lower half of the shin area. That’s about it.

Most clients are so comfortable during the process that they almost fall asleep.

That said, I hope this post has given you further insights on Qween’s IPL treatment.

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And as always, we look forward to receiving you at Qween,

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