Hello ladies! I’m guessing you must really be curious about what I mean by looking good all day, the lazy way, since you’re reading this post!

As an entrepreneur with 3 shops to tend to, a part-time logistics project manager, a mummy to 3 children –  a 16month-old active monkey baby, a 3 year-old girl & a 5 year- old boy, as well as a crazy exerciseholic(if there is such a word) who diligently wakes up by 7am (even if i go to bed at midnight) 6 days a weeks to sweat it out, how on earth do I actually stay looking alive and refreshed each day?  Well, if there is anything that can still keep me feeling and looking good all the time,


WHY… why was it that nobody ever told me that eyelash extensions could make my eyes pop?  I wake up without worrying about makeup, but I feel like I look pretty all the time (even after fighting a night with my crying baby).

Let us go straight and allow the photos to do the talking.

me WITHOUT lash extensions

  me WITH a 2-weeks old set of eyelash extension

me WITHOUT lash extension (side)

       me WITH a 2-WEEKS OLD set of eyelash extension  (side)

P.s. Nothing was photoshopped here except for the pimple that was smacked in the middle of my eyebrows x.x


Here is the remake of my side profile WITHOUT  lash extension (left) v.s. me WITH a natural set of lash extension for my family photoshoot (right)


















You notice how my eyes look visibly rounded upwards, and they don’t look as tired?


Eyelash extensions just brighten up my whole face; I smile with my eyes too, not just my mouth

Eyelash extensions are a true life-saver that many of you have not come to experience.

WHY ladies, why? If you are afraid of maintainence, I have shown you how even with a 2-weeks old set, my eyes still look so much more awake and brighter compared to me having none.

Let’s please not get into the debate of “I take only 5 minutes to put on falsies!” “but mascara & lash curler can give me the same effect!”, LADIES, I LEGIT #WAKEUPLIKETHIS.


Everywhere I go, I get compliments on my eyes and lashes, even when I’m in sweatpants and have no makeup on. It makes me feel really good. Isn’t that what we all want to achieve at the end of the day?

With eyelash extension, I can swipe out my handphone at any time for a selfie with my babies without feeling like I look crappy.

I don’t even need to go through the motion of applying falsies or mascara, even though it might only take that 5 minutes of my time. I don’t even need to worry about smudged mascaras or even eye liners.

If you think it is costly, NOW is the good time to try them out because we are celebrating our National Day here at Qween.

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Even if you do not plan on keeping them, giving them a try may just make you change your mind.


EYELASH EXTENSIONS ARE A MAJOR LIFE-SAVER especially when we have kid(s) to prepare for (:


If you are afraid that eyelash extensions will break/ thin out your own lash hair, take a look at my real lashes (that have been continuously lashed for the past 5 years).

Please zoom in and take a close look, which part of my lashes looked like they have been harmed in anyway?

Come make a lash appointment at Qween, and discover the empowerment/confidence our eyelash extensions can give to you.

You can thank me later.

ESPECIALLY busy mummies like me (:


If you are still quite unsure what exactly eyelash extensions are about, click on this link https://qween.com.sg/2017/09/04/eyelash-extensions/ to read more on (:

I will see you at Qween.

xo, lashing the world, one at a time,