Hello! My name is jo.ling, and I’m the co-founder of Qween (:

Thank you for taking a couple of your minutes to read this. Having worked in the beauty industry for quite some time now, I will be sharing some of my thoughts and experiences (in my posts to follow), mainly about eyelash extensions, IPL hair removal and eyebrow reconstruction (embroidery), with you gorgeous ladies out there.

In my years as a lash technician, the NUMBER ONE QUESTION that ladies always ask first when they pop in the salon is,

“ Hi! What exactly are eyelash extensions ? ”

While some of you reading this probably already have had your eyelashes extended at least once, there are also many of you whom have never tried it, or rather remain skeptical about eyelash extensions.

On that note, here are 4 things that I always share with customers on their first visit, to let them know what they are getting themselves into.

1. Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent work of art.

Synthetic fine strands of hair are applied by hand, one lash at a time by a trained technician who glues the extensions on top of our real lashes. They can last anywhere from 2 – 8 weeks with proper care depending on one’s daily activities, the weather they are in, the oiliness of their eyelids and the health of their own lashes. (Please do not think that a fresh set of eyelash extension can last past one month when your lash bed is sparse and weak!)

Also, take note that the more lashes you have for us to extend, the more lashes there are for you to shed!

NOTE of caution: while they last for weeks with proper care, a fresh set of eyelash extension should not remain on your eyes for more than 8 weeks.

2. Eyelash extensions help you achieve that #iwokeuplikethis look

They make eye makeup pretty unnecessary. yay!
Even the most natural curl gives your eyes the natural lift that mascara application alone cannot achieve. Eyelash extensions are basically the CONFIDENCE BOOSTERS that you need in your life! You’d feel all perked up and empowered with just a touch of bb cream or light cushioning and some blusher. Effortless yet flawless, VERY LEGIT.


A common misunderstanding most ladies have about eyelash extensions which often result in many not having the courage to try them, is that they think the extensions will cause their lashes to grow more sparse after each session. Well, good news ladies! THEY DO NOT.
(Personally, I have been wearing eyelash extensions without a break for the past 5 years, and my eyelashes are doing fine okay!)
Our own lashes (like our hair), have their own cycle of 30-90 days. They shed all the time and in fact, we lose about 1 to 4 eyelashes per day on a normal shedding cycle. That is why we recommend customers to come back for a touch up (or otherwise known as “infills”) from the second to third week.
Our trained-lash technicians will thoroughly assess the strength of your natural lashes and apply the extensions with the correct amount of adhesive, that is enough to hold the lash without causing damage or stress to the real lashes.

4. There is no one-size-fits-all but there are different curls, lengths, thickness to suit each pair of eyes.

Here at Qween, we have Korean Mink and Flat Lashes that use the strand-by-strand application, as well as the super fine Russian lashes that are imported all the way from Europe!
They come in B,C,CC,LC,D, LC curls, with lengths ranging from 8 to 16mm and thickness varying from 0.03 to 0.15, allowing you to create different density and effects.
While our lash technicians will go through a round of consultation before starting the application process, please trust their professionalism in creating the best set of extensions that is most suitable for your eye shape and strength of your lashes.

P.S. Dear ladies, please do not expect to achieve lashes like Kim Kardashian, when your lash bed is relatively sparse for us to work on. BE REALISTIC!

And with that gorgeous ladies, you are in for a treat (since you read this far)!

You are very welcomed to redeem $38 off our EYELASH EXTENSIONS MENU, valid as a first-time customer from now till 31st March 2018!

Please click on the link below to find out more about our promotion (:


Qween is located on Level 4 of Tangs, at Tang Plaza (otherwise known as CK Tangs Orchard).

I will see you there!

Lashing the world, with passion and love, one at a time,


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