Yes, the coveted 6 free 4 IPL deals that you do not want to miss.

*Valid for sale in store till 30th September 2018 , or till we sells out the first 50 pax for each body part*

6 x female upper lip U.P $120

Now 10 x for $120

That means it will be $12 per session.

6 x female under arm U.P $200

Now 10 x for $200

That means it will be $20 per session.

6x female lower half arm U.P $400

Now 10 x for $400

That means it will be $40 per session.

6x female full legs U.P $1600

Now 10 x for $1600

That means it will be $160 per session.

6 x female Brazilian (crack excluded) U.P $600

Now 10 x for $600

That means it will be $60 per session.

6 x female Full back U.P $1000

Now 10 x for $1000

That means it will be $100 per session.

10 x female lower half legs U.P $700

Now 10 x for $700

That means it will be $70 per session.

One customer can only make one time purchase of each body part.

  • Package is strictly not for sharing.
  • There is no expiry of the sessions unless ermmm Qween closes down ;p
  • Prices subjected to 7% GST
  • Package can only be made in-store till 30th September 2018.
  • You can book an appointment before 30th September 2018 and make the purchase immediately after your first ipl session which we will deduct from the package, or you can buy first , and use later.


Now, to answer some of the common questions that we receive at Qween:

• How our IPL machine works?  Super Hair Removal machine utilises a high repetition rate of short pulses delivered deep into the dermis, achieving high average power and therapeutically effective heat build-up, with virtually no pain.

It works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles, preventing them from growing back, while protecting the surrounding skin. The hair follicles are not exposed to a single pulse of high energy, which can injure the skin, but rather receive multiple, short, low energy pulses until enough heat energy is generated to damage the hair follicle.

The In-motion™ technique used with SHR involves moving the applicator repeatedly over the treatment area, applying energy over a large grid- not just the area of the hair follicle. In-motion collectively heats up and damages the hair follicles, ensuring full coverage which dramatically improves results. (* retrieved from our hand note by the manufacturer)

• You will need to shave the area you want IPL-ed a day or two before your appointment. Some salons charge a fee for shaving you — and while Qween does not, wouldn’t you prefer to just shave yourself?

One, save the awkwardness or itch.

Two, we use normal cheap disposable shaver, so imagine you come with a bush, n our therapist has to go through up to 30 minutes trying to slowly shave clean you part of part for you? Be nice to us, will you?

A brazilian IPL session will take as quick as ten minutes if you come in shaven!

Three, the most important factor, like I mentioned in point two, we use disposable shaver that does not come with lubricating strips. If you come in with a bush, there is no guarantee the blade does not cut you, and if you have an open wound, it is more likely a “warmer” session for you. Even if you do cut yourself accidentally at home, at the least , you have overnight to recover and will not affect your IPL session.
• Pain factor I rate 2 out of 10, with 10 being most painful. Honestly, there is almost no pain, just warmer sensation when the hand piece moves along the side, nearer to the labia/lips. I tend to ask my therapist to go on 1 power lower for my lips and I will feel almost nothing.

Some customers do not feel any thing at all throughout the process even if the same power was used throughout the session. But on a side note, really, really painless.

• Can I go during my lunch break? Brazilian IPL treatment is surprisingly quick, like I mentioned earlier, if you come in for your appointment shaven, it would be in and out of our shop in ten minutes.


• Can I still go for my waxing?

We shave before each IPL session so that the light gets onto the root of our hair follicle that contains the most black pigment which is what determines the effectiveness of your IPL treatment.

When you wax, you remove the hair root altogther.

So the answer is no, you do not go for any more waxing.

• How many sessions do I need go through to achieve “hair-free” Generally, 6 to 10 sessions are sufficient, at an interval of 3 to 5 weeks.  However, that really depends on individual’s age and hormones. Also, depending on the treatment area.

For me, it took just 4 sessions to drastically reduce the amount of leg hair, 7 to have my hairless legs.

But for my brazilian part, I have gone through 8 sessions, the top part of my brazilian is literally hairless but I still see growth on the lips, as I have moles down under and that means a lower power has to be used to prevent burning them, and thus slower result.

The results are not as drastic compared to my lower legs.

It is recommended that you return for additional re-examination 3-4 months later, or when any new hair has grown in the treatment area, after you complete the cycle of 6 – 10 sessions.


• Results Will Vary. I’ve gotten my brazilian, upper lips, and legs IPLed to varying results.  I have had less successful results on my brazilian and great results on my legs (read them on  if you compare them both on a 6-sessions basis.

But, I’d linked that to my lip area being darker and therefore lower power has to be used when the hand piece moves down under.


I personally have many customers who told me they have seen DRASTIC hair reduction even after one session. Lucky them!

A customer who came back on her second IPL session after one month, did not even shave and there were barely hair on hair brazilian!


Try it for yourself.

We will see you at Qween.


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