hello everyone!

ICYMI : we’re currently running our anniversary + opening special promotions in June !

it’s the last week to enjoy our superb deals !

we apologise that our ecommerce website isn’t up yet, but you can always whatsapp at 9666 8843
or instagram direct message us (@qweensg) with the package you wish to purchase,
and PAYNOW us via QR or UEN to use to secure the promotions will do !

just a recap on our super deals,
many of our regulars will notice that we’d usually only run 20% off IPL package promotion once a year,
so don’t miss this chance for the best savings on your IPL package!

here’s an overview + breakdown of our popular packages!
also, in case you missed that, our prices are now NETT (no gst !!)
while you no longer earn 6% rebates, you’re already paying 7% lesser than usual !!

Ladies, don’t miss this chance to get your partner started on their hair removal journey too !

To our dear mummies, who have been waiting for a promotion just to get started
on their CRYO journey, here’s 12% OFF to get you started !

just a gentle reminder that you will have to complete the 7 sessions within a month from the first session.
usually our customers come in 2-3 times in a week that should be good to finish up the package 🙂


Last but not least, not forgetting our eyelash customers!
we rarely run package promotions, so don’t wait on this 10% off lash package !

just don’t forget that we’ve moved from TANGS !
we look forward to receiving you at our new place, International Building #05-07.

bring along your friends and celebrate with us! don’t miss these deals!!

now simply hit on our whatsapp button on the bottom right and text us for appointments!


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