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Nano Digital brows!

cut the chase, let me give you a quick brief introduction on the all-new Nano Digital Brow  which is set to bring the desired hair line strokes to a new level of natural.

Designed to cause less trauma on the skin over time as compared to the traditional blades for the creation of the desired “hair lines”, this new technique Nano Digital Brow, is newly brought in by our founder Jo in 2022.

Speaking of bringing the best to our Queens, Jo believed so much in this technique that she flew all the way to USA the start of 2022 when travelling was finally possible (ps. this trip was supposedly to be made in the summer of 2020 when Covid put a disruption to all of us).

How is it different from the traditional brow embroidery?

Nano Digital brow is done using the Amiea machine and the 1-Nano cartridge.

Amiga is a world market leader in the field of micro pigmentation who produces their systems, cartridges and colours in Germany!

You can definitely trust on the quality!

These photos you see below are freshly-done brows using the Amiea machine, no photoshop has been done, nor any redness removed, it is as what you see.


Watch the transformation of Radio Queen Yasminne’s old brows from another salon –

Freshly done brows on Jamie Yeo (video) vs a week after healing 😉

a week after healing, right here !

Down time is minimal, scabbing is minimal

( due to the high quality of the needle) as trauma is reduced using this technique.

You definitely won’t have to worry about hiding those freshly done brows at home for 3-7 days like the traditional brow embroidery.

Designed for less trauma on oily Asian skin, with the intention for creating hair line strokes last better and naturally on oily skin.

Nano digital is also designed with aging skin in mind, i mean, you wouldn’t really want to be “slicing” through those skin if you are above 60 right?

with that,


is minimal since it designed for less trauma to the skin.

The reason why traditional blading hurts? Imagine slicing through our skin with blade, versus slowly building up the hair line through the Amiea fine needle.

Brow Designs

You can choose for full pure hair-line strokes like the first image, or with fluffy hair lines strokes on the front, and shades tail end for a natural defined look.

Do let Jo know your desired outcome during consultation.

Just remember, ” you can always go natural on the first round, and define further during your touch up one month later.”


we just want to highlight, if you have any existing brow embroidery which you like jo to cover up or alter, do first send in an image of your current brows to our WhatsApp account(hit the button on the bottom right). it might take up to 3 or 4 sessions if any cover up is needed.

final outcome of your brows depend fundamentally if you have any previous embroidery to cover up.

Time needed

Using the fine cartridge to slowly build up the strokes require time, it depends on person to person and the whole process (including consultation, pre-draw, shaping of brows, and the actual doing) might take anything from 2 to 3 hours especially for the first sesssion.

While pain is almost minimal, we ask for your time 🙂

We suggest you clear out 3-hour block time to do this.


The Price

Qween Nano Brows  2-sessions package (usual $916).

take 30% off $916! (till 29 feb!)


for the first session, we require you to spare a 3-hour , and also we suggest you book in early.

can’t wait to slay those brows for ya 🙂


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