hello our precious customers, we hope we are all coping a lil better with the new norm 😉

summing up all of our best deals which you do not want to miss from this Thursday to Saturday over Tangs’ 12% rebate weekend!

for those who’d like to top up your lash package, you need not drop by in store, just hop over to https://www.tangs.com/productlist/Brand/qween and make purchase online directly!

if in any doubt, you can always drop us a whatsapp or sms text to 96668843.

in the mean time, do check out the special deals we have prepared for you over this  weekend (6 Aug Preferred Members | 7 & 8 Aug Classic Members) alongside Tangs' 12% members rebate https://www.tangs.com/productlist/brands/QWEEN_1

Deals never before, just like this Covid-19 situation.

Unprecedented times call for surprise promotion, thank you for your continual trust in Qween with your beauty needs.

QWEEN FIRST EVER 10% off + extra 6% off IPL packages and add on Tangs' members 12% rebate!



 https://www.tangs.com/product/qween-6-session-female-ipl-for-brazilian-1-2?r=b-1408 https://www.tangs.com/product/qween-6-session-female-ipl-for-full-body?r=b-1408  https://www.tangs.com/product/qween-6-session-female-ipl-for-lower-half-leg?r=b-1408https://www.tangs.com/product/qween-6-session-female-ipl-for-full-face-1?r=b-1408
 https://www.tangs.com/product/qween-10-sessions-male-ipl-for-full-boyzilian?r=b-1408 https://www.tangs.com/product/qween-10-sessions-male-ipl-for-under-arm?r=b-1408https://www.tangs.com/product/qween-10-sessions-male-ipl-for-full-face?r=b-1408

Lastly, for customers who would like to purchase brows embroidery touch up! or even new customers, check out the $500 our 2-sessions Brow embroidery package.



You do your own math. How many useless trials or even ineffective IPL packages  has gone down the drain with nothing but slight pain and still the same amount of recurring hair?

While you may have grown a lil’ sceptical about big packages, be assured Qween’s 6-sessions IPL package prices are reasonably-priced!

Remember to cart out these deals according to your respective members’ rebate weekend dates.

we will see you in store at Tangs Plaza.

jo.Ling |co-founder

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