hello! we hope you are well.

we are pleased to inform you that we are back from friday 19 June with daily operating hours adhered to Tangs’ from 1130am to 830pm.

Thank you for your patience in the mean time, and we ask of your precious 5 minutes to read through the new measures we have in placed in store, and this will last for some time, till as long we are in Phase 2 (as of now at least).

Firstly, in celebration of this Phase 2 reopening, we are having a one time 20% off our 6-sessions IPL package from now till end of June, both in store and online https://www.tangs.com/productlist/Brands/qween // Definitely worth carting out! You can find out more on the price list on the bottom of this page link https://qween.com.sg/promotions/

Please note we are prioritising customers who originally had bookings with us from 5th of May who were then automatically pushed back to 2nd of June, and which were being pushed and split over 19th,20th and 21st of June and so forth due to the reduction in our daily appointment intake.


We ask of your understanding that we have reduced our daily capacities by 30%  and therefore, please be a little patient with us if we are unable to find you an immediate slot.


We have reduced our daily appointment capacities by 30% with everyone’s safety being our priority so that we,

1, have minimal of 30 minutes turnover time for disinfecting the space/cleaning up of tools,

2, also sufficient time for customer to move out before the next one comes in (ie. no cross-interaction,unless 2 persons who are staying together or already going out together would like to come in back to back appointment with the same lash tech).

3, allow maximum appointments yet minimising the number of external exposure per beauty technician.


All these are done with the intention to ensure that Qween remains a safe beauty space in this transition period while trying our best to service all our customers 🙂


So, moving forward, it will be the new norm that you book in your desired service slot at least  2 weeks in advanced, especially so for IPL services. If you happen to require to reschedule, we apologise ahead should the earliest slot be one or two weeks later, unless of cos you are flexible with any time slots 🙂


We really appreciate your support, thank you thank you thank you, but let us remember to do this safely.

For appointment request(s), please drop them via whatsapp text in the following format to the outlet directly at 96668843:

•service type

•Date(s) and timing(s) , or indicate flexible anytime

•Preferred therapist if any.

and we’ll get back to you to confirm your request(s).


As for those with concerns with regards to your expiry of your packages, please take a look at this auto extension in the following format:



We will be adapting as the Covid situation changes, so do follow us on our social media instagram account “QWEENSG” to be updated.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this period, sending over virtual 💚.

We wish you well, take care, stay safe.

Let us do this together #SGTogether #SGUnited.


Shalom, Team Qween

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