<updated 20 May 2020 . 2200 hour>

hello our precious customers, how are all of you? 😉

the team misses each other, as well as all of you;  we miss lashing for you, we miss checking the regrowth of those unwanted hairs, we miss crafting our the brows.

but unfortunately, our biz code does not fall into the permitted beauty services approved for reopening on 2nd of June.

that said, while it remains uncertain of the official day that we can open our doors for all of you, please trust that all expiry of packages / promotion secured for June’s slots, will be extended accordingly.

if in any doubt, you can always drop us a whatsapp or sms text to 96668843.

in the mean time, do check out the special deals we have prepared for you over this 2 weekends (22 & 23 May Preferred Members | 29 & 30 May Classic Members) alongside Tangs' 12% members rebate https://www.tangs.com/productlist/brands/QWEEN_1

thank you for your continual support.

We hope you understand that we will prioritise customers who originally had booking with us from 2nd June onwards, once Government gives a clearer instruction when we can reopen.

So there is no need for us to reschedule your original appointments as of now 😄😅

But yes, if you do want us to slot you almost asap once we reopen, do drop us a text on the mobile*

We thank you for understanding 💙

take care, and Shalom peace!

with loads of love & prayers that all of you will be well and protected in this period,

team Qween


<updated 3 April 2020 . 1830 hour>

hello all 😉

We believe many of you would have received the news that all non-essential businesses will have to close from 7th April till 4th May 2020.

We can only resume operations on 5th May 2020.

As such , to ease any one of you who think that lashes are essential and need to be fixed, or hair that needs to be zapped, we will try our best (while still maintaining our necessary measures) to prioritise slots for those who have made your booking with us this month.

Kindly ring up the outlet directly after 1130am to book in, or drop us a text if you have any concerns at 67350013 / 96668843.

Please be assured our mobile phone will remained contactable even during this closure period.


We apologise for the rest of you whom we cannot fit in this remaining 3 days.

We will close from 2030 hour of 6 April till 4th May.

Please do not worry about expiry of packages in the mean time :)

Adjustments will be done accordingly, an extra month will be provided for till end of May 2020, for those whose packages are due to expire in April.

We thank you for understanding and in the mean time, every stay safe and we will see you again when all is well 💙

with loads of love & prayers that all of you will be well and protected in this period,

team Qween


In view of the COVID-19 outbreak, team Qween will like to highlight that the following measures have been put in place by us to provide a safer beauty experience for all of us.

Firstly, Team Qween declares that none of our team have travelled out of Singapore since 6 March 2020.

While we remain calm, team Qween seek your understanding and your cooperation in adopting these measures.

For affected customers who has to serve the  14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) and have concerns over your expiry of package, kindly drop us an email at marketing@qween.com.sg .

Measures to ensure the well-being of customers

  • Hand sanitisers are placed at cashier counter for customers usage upon entry. We ask that all customers to practise self-sanitisation upon entry into the salon.
  • Our beds are sanitised after each customer.
  • We conduct frequent disinfection of common spaces, and increase frequency of cleaning for high touch surfaces (reception counter area, door handles, water tap in IPL room).
  • Therapists are instructed to sanitise all tools before and after each customer.
  • We reserve all rights to reschedule customers should they turn up at the shop even with mild flu-like symptoms.
  • All staffs and customers are reminded to exercise social responsibility by observing good personal hygiene and monitoring their health conditions. Those who are unwell, even with mild flu-like symptoms, are reminded to see a doctor and stay at home to prevent spreading illness to others.
  • From 10 March 2020, we have requested customers to declare that they have not returned within the 14 days from Mainland China, South Korea, Iran or Italy.
  • From 20 March 2020, 2359 hours, all customers are to declare that they have not returned from overseas within the past 14 days (return date should not exceed 6 March 2020), and if they did, they will be asked to reschedule their appointment. ie. all customers should receive a whatsapp text the day before their appointment, and asked to reply ” I declare that I have been in Singapore since 6 March 2020, I have been well, neither have I come into contact with people who have been quarantined with the last 14 days.”
  • Tangs at Tang Plaza have also shortened their operation hours from 1130am to 830pm daily.

GovTech is launching a new https://www.tracetogether.gov.sg app, which will help to log data of close contacts, stored locally on mobile phones.

All customers are reminded and encouraged to download the app.

Thank you for caring for our little community, and in the mean time, let us remain as calm possible, that we lash up and continue showing up.

In this crucial time where probably only your eyes and above are exposed under the masks, we are guessing that it is a priority we all lash up and look good the easy way 🙂

We also declare the protection of Psalms 91 from the Bible over each and every one of us,that

A thousand may fall at your side,
And ten thousand at your right hand;
But it shall not come near you. “

It will all be well before we know it 🙂

xo, Team Qween

<Dated 21 March 2020>